"Suzuki Station" is where Suzuki's the main presenter!
We look back at Toro Station's past year with a Toro Station's popularity ranking.
Alas, the classic website namer.
Suzuki Station is a episode in the "Pokepi Station" subseries, the 54th issue commemorating Weekly Toro Station's 1st anniversary. While I had a lot of fun with the visuals, I highly recommend watching the actual video alongside it, which you can watch right
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Note: As it is fully customizable in-game, the player's name is written as □ throughout this translation.


Hello, hello. Welcome to the □-Suzuki Classroom.

We are here to celebrate the first anniversary of Weekly Toro Station.

I'm going to be main presenter of this corner, which is titled...

Today's topic is precisely...

Weekly Toro Station 1st Anniversary:
Toro Station Combined Ranking!

I'm going to put my data collection and analysis skills to full use...

This is a project to look back on Toro Station's past year after all!

Which is, for the record, covering Toro Station No. 1 through No. 50.

Weekly Toro Station 1st Anniversary:
Toro Station Combined Ranking!

Among them, we selected the ones that received the highest percentage of "Interesting!" in the survey.

Weekly Toro Station 1st Anniversary:
Toro Station Combined Ranking!

In other words, it is a comprehensive ranking that combines the opinions of both those watching on the PS3® and those watching on the PSP®!

Weekly Toro Station 1st Anniversary:
Toro Station Combined Ranking!

Please note that news exclusively for Platinyan and Platinyan-P members are not included.

Weekly Toro Station 1st Anniversary:
Toro Station Combined Ranking!

Well then, let's start announcing the results.

Toro Station Combined Ranking:
5th Place

Here's fifth place!

Toro Station Combined Ranking: 5th Place
Impressive Game Catchphrase Quiz
(No. 24, distributed April 2010)

Fifth place goes to "Impressive Game Catchphrase Quiz".

Where we asked questions about catchphrases for various games.

"You know, I'm learning to say [???]."

This phrase is from...
"Doko Demo Issyo"
That's the catchphrase from the first game.


... ... ...

I... I forgot what was it...

The word "forgetfulness" is not in this Suzuki's dictionary!

□, do you remember?

"You know, I'm learning to say [???]." Which of the following answers goes in the brackets?

① these few proverbs
② these few terms
③ these few expressions
④ these few words

I think I might've given you the answer earlier...

The correct answer is...

You know, I'm learning to say these few words.

It was a catchphrase that clearly expressed the initial concept.

I learned a lot of words back then.

And today's Suzuki exists...

Thanks to the people who taught me a lot of words.

Let's move on to the next one.

Toro Station Combined Ranking:
4th Place

Here's fourth place!

Toro Station Combined Ranking: 4th Place
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd
(No. 39, distributed July 2010)

Coincidentally, Toro Station No. 39 collaborates with Hatsune Miku yet again!

It was difficult because Kuro got really excited.

They even cosplayed as Vocaloids ToroRin & KuroLen...

It looked quite fun...

I-It's not that I'm jealous.

I-In fact, cosplay doesn't really suit me.

Introducing the 1st anniversary message! Part ①
Next time, Jun and Suzuki will also dress up as Vocaloids with Toro, Kuro and Dear Television.
(From Rorona)

If there's a voice that wants it, maybe once doesn't hurt.

Still, wouldn't I have to be able to sing and dance as well?

I... I'll give it a shot.

How about it?
My dance that is!


So this is what a basin tastes like...

I'm not sure if the day I'll cosplay will ever come.

Thank you Rorona for the message.

Now for a sudden change of subject, □...


Do you know what these numbers mean?

(In this world, numbers are given out without any meaning...)

(This seems to be a trend in presentations, but is it really true?)

Well, what do you think?

What do these numbers represent?

① Number of wrinkles around Toro's eyes
② Number of Toro Station's rejected projects
③ Number of basins dropped in Toro Station

I see!

The correct answer is the number of basins that have fallen during the past year during Toro Station!

Number of basins dropped in Toro Station:
163 units

The numbers does show that the probability of a basin being dropped in Toro Station is high!

One more question!

Toro Station's Basin Number Graph
(WEBMASTER'S NOTE: I am not replicating the graph.)

This graph shows the basin number Toro Station's members have been subjected to up to issue No. 50...

In other words, it represents the amount of basins dropped overall.

Needless to say, Kuro is clear number one.

By the way...

The question mark is someone who may have been hit by basins twice...

Who would that be?

Who was (possibly) hit twice with a basin?

① □
② Suzuki
③ Jun

That's right.

So the correct answer is...


There were two occasions in the past where □ was in danger of being hit by a basin...

I wonder if □ is safe?

> I ended up biting it.
I was safe.

It looks like our data was correct after all.

But as I found out when I was hit by a basin, it's quite a painful experience.

So as not to get caught up in Kuro's mess and end up biting a basin again,

Please be careful from now on.

Well, the subject has gotten off topic.

It's time to return to the overall rankings.

Toro Station Combined Ranking:
3rd Place

The third place in Toro Station Combined Ranking is...

Toro Station Combined Ranking: 3rd Place
Voice Actor Work
(No. 22, distributed April 2010)

"Voice Actor’s Work" featuring Nana Mizuki!

At this time, yet again, Kuro was in trouble because he got too excited.

Well, that's not too hard to understand.

And, suprisingly, Mizuki did the voices of Toro, Kuro and Dear Televison!

Thus, the first fully voiced version of Toro Station was created.

It was a truly memorable event.

If I were to have a voice, what kind of voice would it be?

However, seeing what Pierre is going through makes me afriad to ask...

Now it's time to announce the second place!

Toro Station Combined Ranking:
2nd Place

□, Can you guess what's in second place?

A hint is that it's one of the most popular news stories of the year throughout the entire world.

When it re-entered the atmosphere, even I watched with bated breath.

Which one is Toro Station's second place?

① Miracle of the Tiny Cat Detector "Toroyose"
② Miracle of the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa"
③ Miracle of the Small Machine that Attracts Evil-Doers "Kuroesa"


Toro Station Combined Ranking: 2nd Place
Miracle of the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa"
(No. 38, distributed July 2010)

"Miracle of the Asteroid Explorer 'Hayabusa'" which I also covered with all my might.

Just mentioning its name makes me very emotional...

Hayabusa... The more I heard about its life, the more spectacular it was.

Carrying everyone's expectations in its small body, it fulfilled its mission to the very end.

The moment Hayabusa burned up, it lit up in seven different colors and disintegrated...

I will never forget it for rest of my life.

... ... ...

Introducing the 1st anniversary message! Part ②
Good luck Suzuki! Looking forward to more science stories〜!
(From tsuusanG1)

Happy 1st anniversary! I'm praying for Ricky to reach his strongest and for Suzuki to win the Nobel Prize!
(From GON)

Suzuki, good luck with the Nobel Prize!
(From K)

T-This is...

I suppose I have everyone's support too...

Science is always something that inspires people...

The sight of Hayabusa taught me that.

Like Hayabusa and the rest of the project team...

I, too, want to aim for science with ambition!

Oops, I think I got a little too personal.

Let's change the mood then...

Toro Station Combined Ranking:
1st Place

Announcing the prestigious first place winner!

Toro Station Combined Ranking: 1st Place
Collaboration with Hatsune Miku
(No. 1, distributed November 2009)

The first place comes from the memorable first issue of Weekly Toro Station...

"Collaboration with Hatsune Miku"!

Hatsune Miku sang "Kuro's Song" and "Toro's Song" and...

She sang various songs!

Also worth mentioning is...

This is where the history of cap-pons at Weekly Toro Station began.

Many people started to complete their cap-pons and make their rooms look pretty.

Of course, Kuro's room...
Well, it's easy to guess.

And one more thing...

At the time, Toro and Kuro managed to dance together with Hatsune Miku and it gathered a lot of attention!
* Toro and the others' dance is content only available in the PS3® version
I wish I could be a part of it...


> Basin.

Damn it, I never thought I'd be hit with a basin twice in such a short period of time...

It's going to hard to know what the future holds...

Summary of Toro Station Combined Ranking:
1st Collaboration with Hatsune Miku
2nd Miracle of the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa"
3rd Voice Actor Work
4th Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd
5th Impressive Game Catchphrase Quiz

How was the Toro Station Combined Ranking?

Did it match □'s prediction?

As for me, all of them were memorable issues!

Lastly, let's introduce the rankings separated by PS3® and PSP®!

Toro Station Combined Ranking:
PS3® version

Let's start with the PS3®...

Toro Station PS3® Ranking:
1st Collaboration with Hatsune Miku
2nd Miracle of the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa"
3rd Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd
4th Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd Bonus
5th Voice Actor Work

4th place's "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd Bonus" is...

...not in the Combined Ranking.

In this episode, Toro and Kuro danced to a different song than the first.

My analysis shows that all PS3® users seem to like Hatsune Miku.

And now for another thing...

Toro Station Combined Ranking:
PSP® version

As for the PSP®...

Toro Station PSP® Ranking:
1st Miracle of the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa"
2nd Collaboration with Hatsune Miku
3rd Toro Station Yokai Theater
4th New Year's Day
5th Voice Actor Work

After all, the tastes of PS3® users and PSP® users may differ somewhat.

Once again, in third and fourth place, we have something that was not in the combined top five.

For your information, "Yokai Theater" is a corner where our team put their own bodies on the line to introduce you to Japanese yokai.

And a "New Year's Day" was shown on Toro Station on this year's "New Year",

I believe Toro and Kuro asked me about my resolutions...

My resolution for this year...
What was it again?

Suzuki's resolution for 2010 was...

Ah! That's it!

Suzuki's resolution for 2010 was...
"Save up research funds!"

It's already November and I haven't raised any funds for research...

Give him a loud pep talk!
> Pet him.

Thank you, □...

As a researcher, 99 successes are due to one failure!

I will do my best from now on!

But still, "Theatrical Spectacle" and "New Year's Day" and so on...

I'm glad that you all enjoyed the news we put out♥

□, Thank you for watching Suzuki Station today.

And for this quiz, □ got all the questions right!

Keep up the good work, and I hope you and I will become the data kings of Toro Station!
(Suzuki's Data Communication Bonus: 40 points increase)
Lastly, I would like you to take a photo with me to commemorate today.

□, thank you!

This is a good record... No, it's a good memory.

Introducing the 1st anniversary message! Part ③
Congratulations! I love Suzuki!!!
(From Furaipan)

Bring out more Suzuki! Let's eat Imagawayaki together!!
(From D-no)

Suzuki, you may not have much to show, but keep up the good work!
(From Ribiru)

This month I am celebrating our first anniversary, and...

I wanted to entertain □ and everyone, but...

On the contrary, it seems that I have encouraged you all more than you have encouraged me!

I'm very sorry that I couldn't show you all the messages I received, but...

Thank you very much to everyone who sent me messages.

From now on, I aim for a Toro Station that will remain engraved in memory!

Please stay tuned for the next installment of Suzuki Station!

Until we meet again!