As you already read about it, this is all the conversations I found interesting within Doko Demo Issyo's remake for the PSP and translated it for my (and maybe yours!) heart's content.
Includes the introduction when Suzuki first arrives, seasonal conversations based on the specific times you boot the game up, and finally standard convos you can get normally through the game.

Note: As it is fully customizable in-game, the player's name is written as □□□ throughout this translation.
And as this game has a word learning mechanic, all custom words will be written as △△ and ▽▽ (with a single exception on CONSCIOUSNESS)!


Ah... Ah...
It's nice to meet you, □□□.
As you can see, Suzuki is a ultra high performance robot...
...And his specialism is science!
Now, I'm sure □□□ knows about this too...
The fact that this life operates on complex and difficult principles.
Suzuki's dream is...
One day, to understand all the principles of life,
He will unravel them all!
Probability of getting along with □□□...
The calculated result is "△△%"
A reasonable value for a first meeting.
If Suzuki's porcentage is exactly 100%.
Why don't □□□ and Suzuki study together?

> Let's study.
□□□ is quite promising!♪

> Too bothersome.
Hey, there's no need to be so shy.
Well, that's enough for self-introductions...
Best regards from now on♪
This is a boring thing but...
As a greeting on moving here...
Please accept this!♪
Suzuki's favorite curtains.
Checked curtains, which Suzuki loves to use.


Today is Valentine's Day.
Why is the present chocolate?
The popular theory is that it's a conspiracy perpetuated by candy stores!
And following the example of these candy stores, game makers should also make corporate efforts!
That's what Suzuki thinks so.


(All the choices here are selectionable and lead to completely different results! Think as this as a cheap CYOA game and have fun!)

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Right out of the blue…
"Consciousness", what is it?…
Do you think Suzuki has consciousness?

> You don't.
Do you think so because Suzuki can't get out of this game console?

> It is.
Suzuki will invent a way to get out of this game console!
Ask the same question again.
Well then, bye-bye♪

> It's not.
Do you think it's because Suzuki keeps talking to himself, then?

> It is.
Suzuki will make an effort to listen to □□□ more carefully from now on.
Eventually, □□□ will understand that Suzuki is a very conscious being!
Well then, bye-bye♪

> It's not.
Well then,
What Suzuki has to do to be recognized as conscious?

> I will teach you.


All Suzuki has to do is ⬤⬤⬤?
Isn't that so easy?!
If Suzuki really does ⬤⬤⬤, you'll admit that Suzuki's conscious, right?

> I'll admit it.
...What a shame...
As a matter of fact...
Suzuki can't do ⬤⬤⬤...
Damn it!
If Suzuki could do ⬤⬤⬤, it would've proved that he was conscious!
It's incredibly frustrating!!

> Won't admit it.
No matter what □□□ says, Suzuki is not conscious!!
...That's what you're trying to say...
...I see.
□□□ does have the qualities of a scientist♪
You could be Suzuki's assistant〜♪
Well then, bye-bye♪

> I can't teach you.
The truth is, you actually have no idea!!

> You do.
Suzuki's just feeling the consciousness of the person who created him.
Well then, bye-bye♪

> ??
It might've been a little too difficult for □□□...
Well then, bye-bye♪